VR-brilspellen. Leer wiskunde optellen en aftrekken Mentale berekening… 3D-bril Virtual Reality Origineel cadeau Jongens en meisjes 5 6 7…12 jaar


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[HEROMASK MATHEMATICS] → Press the button and launch laser beams. Search for Heromask videos on the internet. Learn multiplication tables, additions, subtractions, divisions, and practice mental calculation… Children will learn math while having fun like crazy! Please note that this is a complete pack, so the Math game is included. You don’t need to pay them separately. We have a specialized and well-trained support team ready to help you if you encounter any difficulties. Contact them!
Multi-award-winning educational game that allows children from 5, 6, 7, 8… up to 12 years old to be surprised by the fun side of math. For this reason, Heromask is often selected by our customers as an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, communion. Play it as a family!
[HEROMASK VIRTUAL REALITY HEADPHONES] → New model. The mechanical button has been upgraded (works without batteries). Better finishing materials were used. Virtual helmet with adjustable lenses and attachment system (compatible for children and adults). The 3D headset can also be used by the whole family to watch videos or play other games in virtual reality.
Surprise included! Write to our customer service by giving the passphrase “we are heroes” to give you special superpowers..
[TECHNICAL SUPPORT] → All iPhone models from 6S are compatible with virtual reality. If you have an Android or an older iPhone, it depends! Send a message to our support department on WhatsApp and we will check it out for you. Shop with confidence!